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IOS-XR route-policies in NSO part 2

As an update to my previous post about route-policies in NSO, I managed to try out a very recent version of the Cisco IOS-XR NED that was more suited for the XR RPL behaviour. Instead of defining a route-policy that contains one line with all prefixes, a prefix list is defined and a general route-policy […]

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IOS-XR route-policies in NSO

I’m currently working on the freely available edition of Cisco’s NSO software, which comes with rather old networks element drivers for Cisco IOS-XR (dated 2015). Trying to build services for proof-of-concept purposes, I had to establish a route-policy for an Internet service that only allows specific prefixes defined for the customer. The most obvious and […]

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Cisco Network Services Orchestrator

Recently, I worked on a design task that heavily focused on automated service orchestration in service provider networks. During this, I dived into the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), which originally was developed by a company called Tail-f and later acquired by Cisco. NSO is a beast of a tool, or rather a platform, through which many […]

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