This, my personal blog, is about all things I find interesting, mostly related to my professional life as a consulting network engineer working with Cisco Systems products. Whatever finds its way to my blog are my own opinions, view, etc.

As stated, I’m a consulting network engineer in my mid 30’s. I’ve been working with IT in general since 2005 and with Cisco networking since 2007. In 2007 I achieved my CCNA certification, starting an awesome journey into the networking business. In late 2007, I joined a danish FTTB Internet Service Provider which taught me a lot. Through my employment there, I worked mostly with Cisco, but also Foundry Networks, Juniper, HP and a bit PacketFront (now WayStream) products.

In 2008 I set a goal to achieve a CCIE certification within the Routing & Switching field. In 2010 I managed to pass the exam, receiving my CCIE number 26850. When Cisco changed the Service Provider exam, around 2012, it covered most of the technologies and platforms that I worked with at the time making it hard to resist attempting a second CCIE certification.

In early 2013, I got a job as a consulting network engineer and a few months into the employment I attempted the Service Provider exam and passed it in my first attempt.

Working as a network consulting engineer, the CCDE seemed like an obvious choice to go for and I attempted the exam in 2014. I passed in my second attempt, receiving my number 20140057.

Today, I’m beginning to find the whole programmability, automation and orchestration hype quite interesting, still with the service provider angle in mind. Currently I put my head in to python scripting, Cisco NSO, WAE, segment routing and other cool SP technologies

– Johnny, Dec. 2018

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