Time flies…

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun, or just plain busy. 😮 Passed the 5 year mark with my current employer in March and this month it is now categorised as my longest employment so far (5 years and 5 months was the recent milestone).

Currently I’m working heavily on becoming well-founded in the whole network automation buzz going on. As part of my CCIE-recertification (which is about to enter suspended state :-|) I’m going through the Cisco Continous Education program and taking two courses on Network Programmability – NPDEV and NPDESI, which together achieves the 100 points required to re-certify.

So going forward, I’m probably going to post things about network automation on IOS-XR and IOS-XE devices (if any). Maybe also some ASA/FTD/FMC stuff which is really well-documented (kudos Cisco!).

But only time will show how much I effort I’ll manage to put into this as I’ll be the happy father of two girls by this October! 😀 So, no plans for any further CCIE’s at this point. I miss sitting the labs in Brussels, but my current focus is more on becoming good (or better) at the things I’ve achieved so far, than to shallowly broaden my skill-set.