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Zero-Touch Provisioning – Automated CPE onboarding in NSO

So, these days I guess we’re all trying to achieve “Automation Nirvana” and dream of rainbows, unicorns and turn-key automation solutions with telepathic capabilities (heh, “AI” seem to be answer to all things nowadays). IMO, getting there often require a decent amount sacrifices, occasionally admitting defeat and choose a path that you’ve always sworn never […]

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Fun with Python and RegEx

I am working on some use-cases for service re-conciliation in NSO, through which I’m trying to parse interfaces to determine their respective VLAN memberships (both regular 802.1Q and QinQ interfaces). …Of course, the sub-interface ID has to have some meaning with respect to VLANs for it to make sense. The script below assumes that single-tagged […]

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